The Mental Pictures You Paint

IStock_000003757797XSmallThroughout any week, I talk to many different types of people about their businesses. One thing I noticed recently are mental pictures we all seem to paint.

This observation is really based on experiences I've just had, co-producing and directing the comprehensive and powerful Manifesting Made Easy program.

What I learned and saw clearly is the mental pictures and self-talk you and I chose to paint sets the stage for the success, prosperity, fulfillment and achievement we experience (or not).

For example, some people say...

..."I can't do sales. I hate talking to people like that."  

This defeats those thinkers before getting started.

Instead you could say, "I am here to help others. Let me see where their challenges are and suggest ways to overcome them."

Here's another I like. How about ..."When I do promotions I feel like a used car salesman." (it's always a man in this phrase, oddly enough).

Paint this picture and you are making yourself feel bad and uncomfortable before getting into action.

Instead say, "I will offer to show others some good things I found and like and share that with them. "

Here's one I've used before ..."WHO THE HELL HAS TIME FOR MARKETING." (Yes, I did SCREAM that in my mind before).

Instead you could say, "I'm going to spend 30 minutes today attracting someone to my offering."

That's what I did today for this blog post and even with Skype interruptions it was done in less than 30 minutes -- on two different blogs.

Mental pictures are all in your mind.

The self-talk paints mental pictures.

The mental pictures drive action or lack-thereof.

You have the power and creative ability to choose those images you create throughout every day.

Choose wisely.

Redefining Business: Marketing

Definition of Marketing   American Marketing Association
Of all the business terms that need reinterpretation, marketing is certainly at the top of my redefinition list.

Over the years, I’ve seen many marketing tactics fall in and out of favor.

This has lead to a lot of confusion. Many conscious peoplke have experienced a complete shutdown of activity due to the overwhelming feeling that depth of confusion brings.

When you look at all the definitions of “marketing” being shared continuously, it’s no wonder confusion reigns supreme.

Some people define marketing as “Generating a qualified lead.”

Others define marketing as “sales.”

Even the prestigious American Marketing Association says, “Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”

For Conscious and Enlightened Business Owners, these are not definitions that inspire understanding and activity.

The fact is, before anyone can interact with your business, a group of people who have reason to care (a niche audience) have to be interested enough to take a look.

You have to “Attract” them to your presence (Brand) in a compelling way.

So marketing is redefined, in conscious terms, as “Attraction.”

Marketing attracts people who have a reason to care to your offering of service.

It makes sense, doesn’t it?

Here’s the funny thing. Marketing of the far distant past is now the “latest idea” in marketing.

Join me in my marketing time machine for a moment.

Way back in the 1920’s – 1950’s advertising was marketing. But it was not the “hard sell, hook-‘em-in” kind of messaging we associate with advertising today either.

It was actually value driven.

It gave information to people to help them decide to buy (or not) or to be even more loyal to a brand (presence) they already loved.

Advertising of that day let people draw their own conclusions.

In fact, David Ogilvy, the man who is consider to be the “Father of Advertising” said,  “It has been found that the less an advertisement looks like an advertisement and the more it looks like an editorial, the more readers stop, look, and read.” 

In Mr. Ogilvy’s day, “an editorial” was more of an educational piece that informed and inspired. Sounds like the goal of content marketing today, doesn’t it?

Think about this for a moment.

When your marketing is not focused on sales but focused on serving others through educational information, the more it will attract people to your presence and the greater likelihood it will be read and seen.

Marketing today is designed to provide useful (and inspiring) information that educates and helps people decide to buy (or not) or to be even more loyal to a brand (presence) they already love.

As conscious business owners this is really good news. We now attract by being useful to those we best serve.

What is being useful all about?

Today we’re hearing a lot about creating marketing that is useful to the people you want to serve.

Books like, Youtility, by Jay Baer and Control Alt Delete, by Mitch Joel talk about making marketing ‘useful’ extensively.

Why is it that usefulness and marketing are combining into one idea?

Because when you are useful you are “of service”.

Being of service to another attracts interest to you; the presence that educated and inspired.

Let’s expand our “redefinition,” based on what we’ve just looked at:

Marketing is now defined as: A sharing of your talent, knowledge and experience in a useful way that attracts interest to you, your Brand (presence) and ultimately to your gift of service, also known as your business offering.

When you’re attracting in this way, you are sharing your heart-felt passion as well as your knowledge, talent and experience.

Sharing your passion creates enthusiasm and that is an act of Love.

When you develop your personal Brand (presence) and express it in service, with passion and conviction, you become enthused (infused with spirit).  

This Love of your life and work is a magnetic power that authentically attracts those who you can best serve.

As we know, everyone is attracted to the magnetic power of Love.

Here’s an idea on how to begin building your magnetic attraction (marketing) program.

Enjoy telling a story worth telling to those who can relate to the story most.

The people who will enjoy your story most are people just like you.

To understand them best, get quiet, focus on your Heart space, look deep inside and ask, “What story (information that inspires and educates) would I personally most like to hear myself?”

Then create that gift of a wonderful story based on what you personally would like to see.

Share it so the world will see it too. Then spread the word. Start small if you must, but start.

When you do this consistently, in a creative way that you personally feel inspired by, you will change lives.

The energy of changing lives opens the channel to thrive. The energy of thriving creates prosperity because it opens the channel to your personal business expression, which can be the difference in the world that you are here to make.


Brand is your presence.

Marketing is your creative and inspired story that magnetically attracts those who are seeking you.

Realize that people are seeking your gifts right now.

The likely challenge is that you’re invisible to people you can serve. So your gifts are not seen or not seen as widely as they need to be for you to thrive.

Expand your reach by inspiring those you serve. Share your enthusiasm as an act of Love.

Become “useful” thus seen in the marketplace.

The result of doing this is, you fulfill your destiny.

You will achieve your desire to do work that matters with people who have a reason to care most.

Then feel the gratitude coming back to you in the form of the energy of money.

Success is an energetic cycle that you create by the giving of yourself and your gifts to others.

Marketing is the attraction step in your business that makes the energy of money and thriving occur. 

Redefining Business: Branding

Branding   Wikipedia  the free encyclopedia-crpd
According to Wikipedia, Branding is defined as a name, logo, slogan, and/or design scheme associated with a product or service.

WHOA! Think about this for a minute. Who the hell cares about any of that?

Am I right?

I know that I certainly don’t.

There are millions of brands out there. When it comes to name, logo, slogan, etc., the big question I hear many ask is, “So what?”

But it wasn’t always this way. 

Way back in 2008 I talked about how logos were dead. The new path for branding then was through MEME's, which means a unit of identification. 

Today, as I redefine basic business terms for awakening and conscious people even MEME’s have now become out dated.

Why?! What happened? 

Two things happened at the same time actually: 

1. The onslaught and proliferation of brands, as in EVERYWHERE.

2. Social media and the requirement to be transparent and authentic.

Personal and deep connection is the goal of any brand (large or small) in today’s social sharing world.  

Think about this. 

For the average person who consumes media both online and offline, we all see about 3,000 brand messages per day on average. 

That is: 

  • 21,000 brand messages per week
  • 84,000 per month
  • 1,008,000 per year  

A MILLION + per year; that’s a LOT of brand messages to take in. 

This over exposure has made us numb to old energy definitions and practices of branding.

We are people who want to interact with other people.  

We all have platforms that make us brand ambassadors for anyone we want to embrace.

As a result, today, our business vision needs to have a “brand” that is a truly an authentic and accurate reflection of us, personally. 

The new definition of branding (for conscious business people) is: 

“Sharing the authentic expression of your greatest gifts and personal “caring” attitude with those you're most likely to serve well.” 

This is a new, more accurate definition for a new time, new energy and new business experience.

Brilliant business mind and notible thought leader, Tom Peters, in a recent Fast Company article said, “The second important thing to remember about your personal visibility campaign is: it all matters.

“When you're promoting brand You, everything you do -- and everything you choose not to do -- communicates the value and character of the brand.

“Everything from the way you handle phone conversations to the email messages you send to the way you conduct business in a meeting is part of the larger message you're sending about your brand.” 

What did one of the most recognized minds in business just tell us? 

YOU are the brand. Everything you do or choose not to do communicate authentic attributes of your brand/YOU.

Branding is presence; your presence in the marketplace.

The energy (Magic/Mojo) you bring to the conversation sets the stage.

Your Mojo makes your brand message authentic (or not).

Branding is the picture of YOU that comes to mind when someone you may serve thinks of you and your business.

It's not about logos, words or images any more.

It's about your authentic presence in the world.  

To build a conscious business brand, focus on: 

  • You
  • Your talent
  • Your experience
  • Your hard-won knowledge

All of these things comprise the story of YOU and your personal vision of your life in business.

Once you have that story you can create a picture, a memorable image I can easily share, that reminds me about my experience with you and your energy.

That’s what branding is all about as we move into the new, more enlightened business energy called NOW.